The Crossroads

The Blues. American music born from Africa, then in the fields and plantations during the horrible time of the slaves in the deep South of America.Finally, in the ditches,roadsides and railroad tracks of prisoners serving white mans time.

It all meshed, holler calls, keeping the rhythm to work or time done, outlawed drums in the quiet night of controlled plantations. The sound of a pick striking steel over and over and a call in between, hey ah, hey ah, then came the words, songs, The Blues.

Some things people cannot kill and thats belief and stories passed through generations. From Africa came not only a sense of freedom through song but the belief in Gods and the Supernatural. Legba the trickster God, the Mojo Hand, twisted steel markers over gravesites to confuse the devil.

This is something to take a breath about, this is walking down a road at night after a party and your eyes drifting to the shadows in trees, we all know its there.

Legba a crossroads God. A belief. Passed on through time, slavery, to a new land America. Some say a gate keeper, some say a middleman between our world and the spiritworld. But maybe just maybe he waited for itenerant bluesmen at a crossroad to talk business.

The Mojohand, a luckbag, a thing you hold like a rabbits foot, a luck charm, like things you put on your mantlepiece. Its African and Blues.

So, Robert Johnson. The Bluesman.This is how people know about the crossroads.They say he sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads in order to play good music. A lot of people will tell you about Robert johnson, he was a rambler, he invented twelve bar blues, he learnt to play guitar from Ike Zinnerman a blues guitarist that sat on tombs at night.He drank whiskey,and some say thats how he died from a silver topped peeled poison whiskey bottle after being with a married wife.

Others say he was before his time, a progenitor of the blues.Almost an unnatural talent that came out of nowhere from duke joints and roadside bars littered on dusty roads.Old Scratch, the trickster demon God, Legba.Be here before 12 every Saturday night and you learn them Blues.Sign on the dotted line.The Crossroads.