The Banshee

It is said she is a wailing old woman in spirit form. Straggly black hair and red weeping eyes, with a grey or black cloak. Her cry is horrific, from Ireland to Scotland, appearing to people of Celt origin.

The wildest storm with shrieking winds will not still the wail of this unrestful spirit, it is always heard above. Pure sadness, chilling to the ear.

The Banshee is a harbinger of death, to hear her is to die they say. A spirit of the afterlife wandering the moors and fens and highlands in dusky twilight.

Her name means Bean Seidh in Celtic and translates simply to ‘Woman of the Fairies’. Of the Seidh, perhaps emerging from some unknown glen,to transmit her sorrow, but only for those that are meant to hear. A Banshee is supposed to have appeared to the Irish King Brian Boru in AD 1014 and it is said he died next day in battle.

In the old Irish folktales she was even more grim said to wash body parts in the running water staining it red before the great battles out of Irish legend. The Banshee.