The Physicists Dream

Niels Bohr was a Danish Physicist who reinterpreted Atomic Theory from a paper previously written by Charles Darwin himself. Calling it a new theorem citing contradictory behavior around a single nucleus of an atom with flow or streams of particles. The man was a ground breaker in understanding the atom itself. In 1922 he received the Nobel Peace Prize for Physics for his work.

Bohr was of Jewish descent and in 1943 Nazi Germany had occupied Denmark. During this time Niels Bohr heard the Nazis wanted to arrest him or interrogate him probably for just being Jewish, or because Niels Bohr had helped other Jewish Academics leave Denmark in the 1930’s, so had to flee Denmark to Britain.

Bohrs life changed forever. The escape was done in a plane called the de Havilland Mosquito ran by British Airway Corp, one of the fastest planes built back then, and could cross Nazi occupied territory at speed and great height undetected. They had Bohr lie on the floor of the bomb bay with parachute and flight suit and breathing mask, where he passed into unconsciousness from lack of oxygen. This was because of a failure to advise Bohrs to switch on his oxygen. The physicist came back to consciousness over the North Sea near Britain.

His genius was incorporated into Britain’s Manhattan project for nuclear research and led to him meeting the American President Roosevelt, and among other things having an actual element named after him in Bohrium.

This was the life of Niels Bohr Physicist, originator of Atom Theory itself. Why? because of a dream. Bohr said dreamt a vision of understanding the atom. Dreaming sitting on a great ball of gas bright and burning like the sun, and planets on fire circled him crackling with heat and connected to the sun by threads. The planets became whole suddenly along with the sun, and Bohr awakened in a start. Bohr had seen his Atom. The Bohr Model. All the years of research had been to naught. It took a dream for genius to erupt.