Greater City of Geelong Know Your Council BARWON HEADS

A man lives in a town Ross Harrison, with a map, a map with orange dots all over it showing the streets where people have died or are dying of blood cancer or crohns disease.

The town is Barwon Heads in Victoria Australia, near Geelong. How can it be?, how can there be so much cancer and Chrons disease in such a little area?Such a small town?A town that has the highest prevalence of Chrons disease in the world, twisting the bowel and inflaming it?

What has caused it?No one knows or can prove what everyone really thinks, and that is a certain chemical in a mosquito spray that the council has used for over thirty years.

The chemical is called organophosphate pesticide and in it is malathion and attacks the nervous system of mosquitos to keep numbers down. Once it was sprayed beside the town in a mist over the swamp that drifted into peoples backyards, homes and parks, for years, breathing that foul substance in and constantly being told by the council that it was perfectly safe, as it still does.

Though for some strange reason in 2012 the council ceased using malathion in what could be considered a counter measure for future damage control. The names of people, fellow human beings, with all the sickness, the loss, the pain, the suffering, all for what?Mosquito control. It is more than an outrage it may amount to genocide in microcosm played out in streets marked with dots.

Dieldren was a spray surrounding farmers used which was banned eventually and this was suggested by the council to be the cause of all the sickness as a blind some believe to detract attention away from all the early years of constant mosquito spraying.Once again damage control in progress, by a council that does not seem to care about people.

Spare a thought please for these human beings just like us that have died, or are dying by pure incompetence and mismanagement of a corporate council that treats Barwon Heads like the Jungle spraying Napalm in the Vietnam War. When there was no war, but people are dead all the same R.I.P.

Mosquitoes…….that was the enemy, but it makes you wonder who the real enemy was?.