It isn’t just people that can be gutsy. Kuga was a military attack dog serving with an Australian patrol in Afghanistan in 2011.

Going ahead of a patrol the dog crossed a river, and as he swam across a Taliban scout started firing at the animal, riddling the water around him with bullets.

When Kuga got to the bank he ran at full sprint at the Taliban insurgent and started attacking him. While the dog was biting the forward Taliban scout he was shot in the lung and fell back.

Kuga launched himself again to his attacker and was shot five more times. Twice in the ear, the toe, the cheek coming out through the neck, and chest. A shot shattered the dogs leg bone, and he lay prone, with the attacker running off to the hidden Taliban patrol.

When he was called back to the patrol across the river he crawled to the water and swam back to his master. Air evacuated to Germany the dogs life was saved but he died 11 months later.

Without a doubt, the whole patrol credits the dog Kuga with saving them from ambush and possible death. It was this reason he was awarded the Dickin medal for bravery given to animals in wartime.

Such a soldier, such a dog. Kuga.