Charters Towers Pub

Charters Towers is a town in outback Queensland Australia which was a gold mining boom town started 1871.

A horse called Jupiter started it all by running off from a Hugh Mosman and where he found the horse he found gold in a rain streaked lightning permeated night.

The town prospered well, having it’s own Stock Exchange to the World and magnificent buildings were built by wealthy miners and fellow investors. Charters Towers Pub was one of the stand outs in the town.

A full length bar that was imported from England with a magnificent carved center piece that still beholds to this day. The original steel bed frames are still used upstairs, as well as the full size billiard table in the billiards room, which has the first ghost, among others in the old hotel.

Lenny he’s called, and sits in a chair in the corner of the room to players late at night with the lights dim, and perhaps on the edge of vision.

An old miner appears to some others too in other parts of the pub, who resided there and had a gold mine next door. Upstairs a little girl about five was rumored to die a fateful early death and appears robed in white at the end of the hallway or passing open doorways.

Though, if things are rumored to linger on in life after death, it is no wonder the Royal Hotel carries ghosts as in 1903 an estranged couple met in the bar with the poor wife bringing a girlfriend along for support.

As the girls were in the bar drinking the husband left the room to re enter with a pistol promptly walking over to the wife and shooting her point blank in the head before blowing his own head off straight after.

Maybe the place is like a moth jar, collecting ethereal visions mostly seen at night, with patrons staying long after closing time, even after death.