Island of the Dolls

island of the Dolls. In the Xochimilco canal systems and lakes just out of Mexico City lies an island of discarded dolls hang from trees paying homage to a girl that died fifty years ago in a drowning.

it began with a man named Don Julian Santana who arrived at the island as a hermit and found the little girl in the canal drowned. Days later he found the girls doll floating in the currents and eddies of the carved canal. Hanging the doll in a tree like some sort of effigy, saintlike. Continuing to hang hundreds after, as people have done after him.

So all the trees fill up with plastic limbed black eyed dolls weathered by rain and wind, for the girl and also to the man that found her, Don santana, who unfortunately was found years later riding the currents drowned in the same place he found the little girl.La Isla de las Munecas, Also known as The Island of the Dolls.