Our Lady of Paris

Notre Dame de Paris survived flames in April 2019, just like she has survived everything else in her 800 years of history. The French Revolution in 1793, where her halls were sacked by the people, and the statues of biblical Kings were beheaded, with statues of saints being replaced by other icons of the people in a revolutionary war that tore France apart. The Lady survived that, survived being renamed The Cult of Reason.

Emperors and Empresses and Kings were sanctified there. Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife Josephine in 1804 were crowned Emperor and Empress of all France after the Napoleonic Wars in Europe. Napoleon became something other than a King.

King Louis VII and a Pope saw the laying of the cornerstone in 1163, and it is like this building, which is more than a building, has seen a significant history of the world.

In World War 2 1944 during the liberation of France from the Nazi German war machine her windows were pockmarked with stray bullets from the conflict, another scar she survived.

Something else was saved from the fire, an artifact many believe does not exist, like the Holy Grail itself, The Crown of Thorns. Placed on the head of Jesus Christ, also known as the Nazarene, before his walk to Golgotha ‘The Place of Skulls’ to be crucified. It is said this woven thorn mantle scraped on the brow of Christ was done so to try and mock and shame him. The Roman soldiers shouting “HAIL KING OF THE JEWS”.

The Crown of Thorns was rumored to be displayed in AD 530 on Mount Zion outside Jerusalem, passed on and on through Kings and rulers afterwards for at least a thousand years before the Emperor of Constantinople finally gifted it to Louis XI of France in 1238.

Was The Crown of Thorns in Notre Dame de Paris?Our Lady of Paris?Perhaps, maybe some things are meant to survive through time. The Sacred.