Pigs Can Fly

Reanimation. Reaching across the threshold of death to bring life back to the dead. It is done every day by doctors and paramedics, usually by pulmonary palpitation, a kickstart to the heart,or an adrenaline shot.

The brain though, is a different matter. When a cell is dead it is dead, like brain cells, brain death. But recently scientist have found out it is possible to bring electricity back to flash between long gone synapses in a dead brain.

Thirty two dead brains, in pigs heads. Collected by scientists from an abattoir recently to be hooked up four hours later on machines pumping oxygenated synthetic blood in and out for hours, until something happened.

Dead cells in these deceased brains came back to life. A semblance of life, there was activity, not nervous system or thinking activity. In something like a sci fi film they were ready to inject euthanasia fluids into the brains in case they thought to avoid any suffering. A milestone for science nonetheless, the first step to eradicate dementia and other debilitating diseases. A brave new world.